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We stand with Black communities in demanding justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless others murdered in a centuries-long history of state-sanctioned violence against Black bodies in this country. We stand in solidarity with The Movement for Black Lives and the ongoing protests. We are committed to anti-racist, decolonizing practices, and demand that Black humanity be embedded in the consciousness of every system, institution and individual in our nation, and in our selves.


As a U.S.-based alliance of theater makers committed to the representation of Middle Eastern and North African communities, we are painfully aware that many in our communities, historically and to this day, have been in collusion with White supremacy and anti-Blackness, even while being hurt by those same systems. We consciously renew our commitment to challenge anti-Blackness in our own communities and amongst our families, friends, and colleagues.  We call on our communities to unequivocally demand justice for Black people everywhere.   


We want to share with our communities resources for action, donation, and education.

We invite you to update and edit as needs and organizations serving them change.