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This list was compiled by Leila Buck and Kate Moore Heaney, from lists shared by May Kassem, Tamara Ramasmy, Noelle Ghoussaini, Noor Theatre, Rita Jabbour, Maya Chahhal, and Rayya Haddad. We've also used lists shared by Lebanese radio producer Tamara Rasamny via NYC radio producer Judith Sloan.



Overall Disaster relief:




Fighting Poverty and more:

  • Bassma (“Smile” - for families struggling with poverty, recommended by loved ones)

  • Caritas (recommended by family in impacted areas, doing great work since the 70s)

Resources for Domestic Workers:

  • Egna Legna (working in both Lebanon and Ethiopia)

For the Lebanese Theater Community:


Lebanese designers and artists’ work, giving proceeds to many of the orgs above:

Resources for the Trans Community:

For youth skaters and their families:

Lists of organizations:

Ways to help that don’t require financial donations:

  • Fill out this form to receive a list of ways to help (courtesy of Tamara Rasamny). 

  • Jobs For Lebanon: If you or your company are hiring, please consider hiring a Lebanese person. There are many many qualified and skilled workers in Lebanon, but unfortunately the economy cannot meet their needs. Many Lebanese, who are able, are forced to leave the country in search of better opportunities. If you’re posting a job, post to

  • Call the Lebanese embassy and demand that they support the Lebanese people and their calls for government resignation (all of them means all of them): (202) 939-6300 -

  • Demand your respective governments hold the Lebanese government accountable and not donate any funds to the government (only to verified local NGOs or transparent international humanitarian groups). 

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